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(1) Please use this link to send SMS if this web page does not work.
(2) Get 3 Free short messages (SMS) to China immediately after registration.
(3) SMS to China wireless users, including China Mobile and China Unicom.
(4) To send short message to China, enter wireless number of China Mobile or China Unicom directly, such as 13*****, do not enter country code or area code. It costs 1 point to send one message.
(5) Wireless users in China receive SMS for free, they can reply to your message directly, it costs same as they send SMS inside China, only about $0.01 cents.
(6) You receive SMS from China for free. You can change your SMS Setup so SMS replies can also go to your emails.
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4 1).Available for all China wireless users;
2).Your friend in China receive your SMS for free;
3).It costs 0.10 RMB (1.2 Cents US$) for them to reply your SMS
4).$30 for 1000 SMS, $20 for 500, $10 for 200, $6 for 100.
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